Let it rain! Put the water back in the lake, please…lake oswego corp

Lake Oswego Waterfront Living has been anything but waterfront this winter and I am wishing for rain, rain, rain,  The moment the lake began to disappear in front of my house was the beginning of living on a mud flat rather than waterfront so we are ready for the lake to be back to being a lake again.  Lake Corp officially put the “plug” back in on 12/1, but I am still looking at mud.  We have had a very dry last month and I was really hoping for the lake to be filled by Christmas.  That was delusional, I know.  Instead we got a white Christmas.

I live on Lakewood Bay in Oswego Lake and it is far more shallow than the main lake, so we really did get down to the mud.  So much so that emergency services took advantage and decided to do some disaster training in our mess. It was quite the spectacle.  The first time I saw a drawdown in the lake I was of course excited.  When I tell people outside of Lake Oswego that we drain the lake every few years they think we are nuts.  It is a bit strange, but should reinforce the fact that we a man made private lake.

The fact of the matter is it is an excellent time to find the beer bottles you may have accidentally dropped off the boat or dock.  It is also a wonderful time to remove debris and trash form the lakebed.  I found a couple old tin cans this time and I would hate to have had my kiddos hurt themselves if they managed to cross their paths under water.  It is also a good time to check your boat lift, footings on docks, and more.  Check your seawall.  Check your supports.  Get ready for the next season. Summer will come and they will fill the lake from the Tualatin River most likely if we don’t get rain soon.

The Lake Corp is taking advantage of the drawdown this year to build a new facility.  It should be incredible once completed, but doubtful that this will happen prior to boating season commencing.  The good news is they will still be open for launching and gas fill ups.

Are you curious about waterfront living on Oswego Lake? Let us know! Brian Olsen is a great  Realtor resource for Lake Oswego Waterfront Homes.  Full disclosure:  He’s my husband, but there is no one that can set you up better if you are looking for a home and a boat.  You can reach him here: 503-853-5506  Happy New Year!  – Courtney

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